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Posted on Sep - 28 - 2010


(English/2009/30 mins)

Producer/Director : Manan Singh Katohora

Cinematographer: Kenny Dixon

Category: Fiction

Country: USA

Writer: Manan Singh Katohora

Editor: Matt Perry Thomas

Music: Banan and Kanishk

Cast: Purva Bedi, Susham Bedi, Ajay Kalra, Tushar Unadkat, Sonny Suri, Tirlok Malik, Margret Avery

EXTROSPECTION is about the relationship between the mother and daughter and sharing their thoughts and revealing their true desires, which can have an everlasting effect on each other’s lives. It is the story of Charu (Purva Bedi) and her mother Chandana (Susham Bedi) and their struggle and quest for true love. Charu is unhappily married to Sailen (Tushar Unadkat), and is having an affair with her colleague Amol (Ajay Kalra).  Chandana lost her husband a year ago, and her kids Charu and Chetan (Sonny Suri) pressure her to go out and meet people.


2. Krishna-History or Myth

(English/2009/34 mins)

Director  Dr Manish Pandit

Producer  Saraswati Films

Cinematographer Dr Manish Pandit

Category: Non Fiction

Music  Mixdown by Kelly Young

Editor  Craig Campbell and Fraser Durie

Script writer: Dr Manish Pandit and David Pashley

The documentary explores the archaeological, astronomical apart from linguistic and oral evidences to prove the existence of the Mahabharata hero and debunk the myth theory. The film captures the strong beliefs of Krishna worshippers on one hand and juxtaposes it with archaeological, historical and astronomical evidences on the other hand, to drive home the point that he. It also takes a look at the finding of Greek kings paying homage to Krishna archaeologically (King Heliodorus) and coins bearing Krishna’s likeness and also that of Balaram, issued by Greek Kings. The discovery of underwater Dwarka, the seal of Dwarka, the inscription of Badami by Pulakeshini all figure in the film that takes a scientific look at these evidences, says Pandit, who is the `Sutradhar’ in the film.


3. Desh Ki Shaan


Director: Sachin Jootun

Producer: Vikram Jootun

Country: Mauritius

Category: Fiction

The film is about a group of young people who are excited to go to west to try their fortune but face resistance from their parents who try to convince them to stay in India and look for better opportunities and tell them about the rich cultural heritage of India. The young people pay heed to their parents and drop the idea to go abroad.


4. An Expression

(Hindi/2009/30 mins)

Director: Subhash Kapoor

Cinematographer:  Fasahat Khan

Editing: Samir Bajeli

Country: USA

Category: Fiction

Music: Manish Tipu

Cast: Pragati Pandey, Pramod Pathak

This is a story about a neglected wife of a flamboyant busy executive, their extra marital affairs and how they contract AIDS while living a ‘normal’ life. The story is woven with threads of choices one makes in life and how fragile they can be.  It deals with the vulnerability of a person to short-term pleasures of life, especially while under stress of a fragile relationship, not realizing the steep price one may land up paying consequently. The film tries to give a very natural and matter-of-fact perspective while depicting a rather ‘normal’ life.


5. Priya Maa

(Hindi/2009/9 mins)

Director/Writer/Photographer: Anuj Agrawal

Editor: Navkirat Sodhi

Cast: Navkirat Sodhi, Anuj Agarwal

Category: Non Fiction

Country: UK

The film is about a woman who has been married to a NRI in London. She is quite nostalgic about her days spent in India and finds it difficult to adjust to the surrounding especially the ultra modern culture. Her life gets miserable when her husband gets more involved in socializing. The film is in the form of letter written to her mother residing in Delhi narrating her saga of solitude. She also tries hard to cope with the stress and strain in order to make her wedding life work.


6. Red, Blue, Yellow, Green

(French/2008/28 mins)


Editing: Wassim Sookia

Category: Fiction

Country: Mauritius

Music: Eric Triton

Cast: Christina Meetoo, Marcio Isnard, Ludovic Choureemootoo

Red, blue and green are the colours of the flag of the Republic of Mauritius that Victor makes with his own hands to take to his son on the Day of Independence. Separated from his wife, he has to insist to be able to pick up the boy and take him to the parade. On the way he loses the flag. To get it back and then find a phone to let his wife know he will be late, Victor gets involved with a series of figures, each of whom has something to ask him or a story to tell him, and thus slow him down. The relations between the inhabitants of the island give us a picture of great humanity and solidarity. In the end, his kindness will be repaid and Victor will reach his son with a new surprise.


7. Kosu (Mosquito)

(English/2009/25 mins)

Director/Editor/Cinematographer/Editor: Saro Varjabedian

Producer: Christopher Dimitrov & Rob Rrchert

Category: Fiction

Country: USA

Writer: Rob Richert

Category: Fiction

Cast: Purva Bedi, Durier Ryan, R. Anbazhagan

An American, who volunteers with an Indian orphanage, disrupts the status quo, provoking the couple running it to work through their emotional scars. Chris signing up to volunteer at an orphanage in Aureville, arrives to discover that his hosts, Saravanan and Magil are unaware of the arrangement. From that point on, Chris, striving to be helpful, tries to make amends for the awkwardness of the situation and to connect with his new host family, inadvertently causes a string of misunderstandings, which forces Saravanan and Magil to deal with the fairly recent loss of their son, deepening their relationship.


8. Shor (Noise)

(Hindi/2008/14 mins)

Directed by: Raj Nidimoru and Krishna DK

Produced by: Raj Nidimoru, Krishna DK and Venkat ‘Pist’ Ravikiran

Category: Fiction

Country: USA

Cinematography: Tushar Kanti Ray

Screenplay by: Raj Nidimoru, Krishna DK and Sita Menon

Edited by: Krishna DK and Raj Nidimoru

Cast: Pitabash Tripathy, Vijay Verma, Alok Chaturvedi, Sudheer Chaudhary

Shor, the short film shot on locales in and around Mumbai. It’s about three young men traveling on a local train who find a bag with a ticking bomb on it. They race to find the best value they can get out of it. When they try to sell it, but can’t find a decent bargain, they decide to at least have some fun with it. They decide to “have a blast!” Literally! The problem is finding an empty place in the overcrowded city where they can blast it in peace. Set in Mumbai, this fast-paced film is a satire that deals with the apathy of the Indian youth – and the dangerous abandon with which they go about doing just about anything they want. It won the Best Cinematography award for its visually arresting filmmaking style at the San Francisco Shorts Fest.


9. Coolie Pink and green

(English/2009/23 mins)

Director: Patricia Mohammad

Producer:  Patricia Mohammad and Rex

Category: Fiction

Cinematographer: Franklyn St Juste

Country: Trinidad & Tobago

Editor: Michael Mooledhar

Music: Sharda Patasa

The Indian or Asian aesthetic in the Caribbean is an unacknowledged and well kept secret. It has not infused itself into the geographical or cultural space as another kind of beauty or art making that has transformed what we consider to be ‘Caribbean’. It is still the “other”. The film attempts to transform this perception by projecting a new way of seeing and celebrating the form, patterns, beauty and meanings of this aesthetic, as rendered primarily through religious ritual of Hinduism and the organic communication that this group has with the landscape of Trinidad. In the tradition of the Ramayana and the Bhagavad Gita, the script is in the form of poetry and prose, using a narrative sequence of call and response between a young girl who is simultaneously learning and experiencing the beauty of her culture in the rituals and practices of Hinduism (narrator 1), an elder in her community (narrator 2) who attempts to hold her fast in a traditional mould.


10. Chandranile Chayakada (Tea shop on the moon)

(Malyalam/2008/11 minutes)

Story, Screenplay, Editing & Direction: Anish Babu Verghese

Producer: Anish Babu Verghese

Category: Fiction

Country: Bahrain

Cast: Praveen Menon, Lonappan Antony, Raghavan Madapally

Set against the backdrop of an alarming number of suicides by Indian workers in the Gulf, Chandranile Chayakada (Tea shop on the moon) follows the twin stories of expat workers, Pappan and Lonappan. Out of job and luck Pappan contemplates taking his own life. Even Lonappan decides to end it all before coming across Vasu, an enterprising Keralite who runs a mobile teashop on a remote sea shore.


Maestro of the Shehnai

(English/2008/50 mins)

Producer/Director/Editor:  Nasreen Munni Kabir
Cinematographer: Peter Chappell /David Marsh
Music: Bismillah Khan’s music

Category: Non Fiction

Country: UK

Nasreen Munni Kabir was fortunate to capture the precious moments with the 86-year-old Shehnai maestro, Bismillah Khan, taking him down memory lane with humour, humility and spirituality at an amazing career, including concerts across the globe and the highest honour given any Indian artist, performing on the evening when India declared her Independence back in 1947. The 50-minute documentary explores the life, work and unique personality of acclaimed classical musician Bismillah Khan, whose sophisticated, graceful style has elevated the folk instrument, the ‘Shehnai’, to the concert stage for the first time. The film  an exclusive concert  filmed in the Khan family house, and charts Bismillah Khan’s history from his formative years as student to uncle and guru, Ali Bux, through to his status as one of the most highly-regarded and prolific classical performers in all India.


12. Flying Sikhs – A History of Sikh Fighter Pilots

English/2009/40 mins

Director: Navdeep Kandola

Producer: Clare Cooke

Category: Non Fiction
Country: USA

This documentary commemorating the valour and glory of the Khalsa warriors provides an intimate portrait of the Sikh pilots who contributed so valiantly to British success in World War I and World War II. Focusing on those who flew in the Royal Flying Core, the Royal Air Force and the Indian Air Force, their bravery was recognized widely by both the military and the public during the brutal Japanese invasion from the East. The first ever Indian pilot to try to enlist as a pilot in WWI was Hardit Singh Malik, the only Indian pilot to miraculously survive the war who later went on to become the PM of Patiala and High Commissioner to both Canada and France. It also includes the last remaining Sikh pilots from WWII, Air Chief Marshall Arjan Singh DFC and Mohinder Singh Pujji DFC. Air Marshall Arjan Singh led pilots in the Burmese front in the Second World War and later led the Indo-Pak and Indo-China air assaults and many firsthand accounts taken from the only TV interview of Sardar Malik and a rare interview with his daughter, Harji Malik.


13. A Bristol Pilgrimage: In Search of Rajah RamMohun Roy
(English/2009/90 mins)

Director/Producer/Cinematographer/Writer: Anirudhho Sanyal

Category: Non Fiction

Country: UK

Aniruddho Sanyal's maiden effort is not a straightforward biopic. In fact, as he tentatively embarks on his research into the last few weeks
of Ram Mohun Roy's life in England, the author emerges as one of the key protagonists of this documentary. This 'pilgrimage' is almost
as much the story of the West's encounter with the man widely regarded as the Father of Modern India as it is an account of Sanyal's
reappraisal of his illustrious compatriot's impact on the West. With a doggedness and zeal worthy of a sleuth, the filmmaker follows up
every available lead to piece together the hitherto obscure final chapter of the great reformer's life and, in the process, unearths details
that will fascinate the lay viewer and have historians reaching for their notepads.


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